shms 6th grade incentives

SYLVAN HILLS MIDDLE - For the month of March, at the direction of 6th grade assistant principal, Mr. Hemphill,  teachers nominated students for different awards that he created. These awards will be given out to students based on the categories below chosen by the 6th grade teachers. Each winning student receives a certificate and gift. This will take place in April and May as well.

  1. Bear Award- Goes to the student with the Highest GPA and or Highest Grade point average in the 6th grade class for the month of March.

  2. Leadership Award- Goes to the student who exhibits leadership qualities such as a good attitude, stays on task, on time to class, good grades,  makes a point to do the right thing,  sets an example for other students to follow.

  3. Most improved Tardy award- Goes to the student that has improved on getting to class on time.

  4. Rising Star Award- Goes to the student that has improved their behavior, grades and shows an improvement in learning and growth on assignments and assessments.

  5. Star Service Award- Goes to the student who helps other students and helps the teacher during class and after school. The student also  shows involvement in their community. 

  6. The Brainiac Award- Goes to the student that shows the most creativity in class. This student is innovative and goes up and beyond to enhance their academic skills in class and out of class.

  7. Most improved Award- Goes to the student who has shown an improvement in their behavior, attitude , attendance, tardies, assignments, assessments and grades.